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Preparing for Your Moving Day


Our base hourly charge is currently $100 per hour. There are also additional fees for services that require travel, truck and equipment. These additional fees vary depending on the size of your load and the distance travelled. Don’t worry, these fees are generally small and are included in your estimate.

No, final costs will be effected but it is not a problem if it turns out you have much more than you originally expected when you first spoke with us about your move.  It is important that you inform us the moment you realize you have much more than expected and let us know about any additional furniture items you need us to move. Generally we will arrive with the sufficient truck size and equipment necessary for the load size we discussed with you. Informing us on any changes ahead of time will allow us to be properly prepared.

Absolutely! We generally can provide very accurate estimates online or on the phone. However, we are more than happy to come meet you and provide an estimate for your move in person.

Our prices are extremely low and any other trustworthy moving company will have a terribly hard time beating our prices. First make sure the length in the estimate is realistic. For example, an estimate of 3 total hours of labor (loading AND unloading) for a full 26′ truck’s worth of property is simply unrealistic. If another company has a genuine lower estimate, remember that with Moto Movers you are working with the most skilled and most fun group of movers.

Absolutely! While moving items is our specialty, we have the knowledge and skill to be able to disassemble and assemble a wide variety of furniture items or other household goods. Some items require more complex disassembly. Treadmills for example are common items that need in-depth disassembly to fit into various desired locations. In many cases we are equipped and knowledgeable to complete the task, but in some cases it could be out of our expertise. Please keep in mind disassemble and reassemble takes time! It will be a part of your hourly charge. 

Watch our “Preparing for moving day” video! You’ll want to make sure the environments the movers will be working in is safe and sanitary. Make sure there are clear paths so that the movers can safely maneuver the items they’ll be carrying, without needing to step over/around obstacles. Make sure the items themselves are cleared off, ready to be picked up when the movers arrive. You can also work on disassembling items you know will need to be disassembled before being moved. Items such as Bed frames, or mirrors on dressers. This could save you time on your move.

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