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Office building in Akron Ohio where Moto Movers will load and unload furniture and boxes.

Our Moving Company

Moto Movers is a household goods moving company. We are Professional Movers who have mastered the art and skill of moving furniture. Furthermore, we are passionate about helping others. Our moving company enjoys helping people transition their lives. We’re happy to get people through the stressful task of moving.

Moto Movers was started by college students enrolled at the University of Akron in 2017. As college students we had experienced frequent moving. From changing housing year to year as we progressed through our degrees, to helping friends and family move over the years. Ultimately, with these experiences we could see how undesirable moving could be. Also, how expensive especially when hiring a moving company. Moto Movers changes that! We make moving day more relaxing and more affordable.

Moto Movers in Akron Ohio preparing to move a family to a new location.

Additionally, our original movers shared a love for riding motorcycles. Our shared hobby was how we decided our company name, Moto Movers.

Since starting the company, Moto Movers has evolved. Today we employ a diverse group of men and woman who share the same values that makes Moto Movers an outstanding Moving Company;

  • Professionalism
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • And simply darn good movers!

At Moto Movers we will always do our best to follow through on our guarantees:

Summit County Local Moving Company Unloading And Unpacking Furniture And Boxes Into A Home.

Taking care of all your moving needs.

Akron Local Moving Company Lifting Heavy Furniture And Boxes Moving Them Into A Home.

Being professional and respectful movers.

Summit County Local Moving Company Using A Dolly To Move Furniture And Boxes

Providing skilled moving.

Summit County Local Moving Company Unloading Heavy Furniture And Boxes From A Truck Into A Residential Home.

Maintaining competitive pricing.

We take pride in being the best overall option you have for hiring movers!

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