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2 men moving boxes and furniture from a truck into an office building.

Full Service Move

Moto Movers will

  • Arrive with the truck and equipment
  • Load up your items
  • Drive your items to the unload destination
  • And unload your items, placing them exactly where you need them

We’ll be equipped with various tools and equipment that allows us to service almost any household goods moving task we may encounter, such as assembling/disassembling items, removing doors, or wrapping certain items to keep them protected. Our full service moving allows you to relax on moving day after you’ve fully packed and prepped your items to be moved.

Summit County mover loading and unloading furniture and boxes into a residential home.

Half Service Move

Moto movers will arrive in style, without a truck, to either load or unload your items onto or off of a truck/trailer/pod/etc. For half service moving you will want to make sure you supply any

  • Tools
  • Moving equipment
  • Protective equipment

for us to use when we arrive. We’ll use our moving skill and knowledge to utilize the equipment you’ve provided for us and help you achieve a safe move to the best of our abilities. In general, the customer is expected to have equipment such as

  • Dollies
  • Moving blankets
  • Tie downs/straps

for half service moves. 

Professional Akron Movers lifting furniture and moving it up stairs.

Internal Partial Move

Moto Movers provides partial move rearrangement services, 

  • Moving positions of items within one location
  • Exchanging positions of items within one location

We’ll arrive in style with any tools/equipment we might need to move around the items you’ve mentioned to us prior.

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